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Having a chimney is great in the winter time to heat rooms of your home without raising your energy bill. As the cold winter weather approaches, you’ll want to make sure that your chimney is ready for use after being dormant for most of the year. Chimneys that have been damaged can cause fires to escape into your home. If you notice crumbling bricks, rust, cracks or other damage on your chimney, contact Boulder Masonry Ltd. for chimney repairs. For over 35 years we have provided trusted chimney repair in Langley, BC and the surrounding areas of the Lower Mainland and British Columbia.

Signs You Need Chimney Repairs

If your chimney has begun to deteriorate you risk potential fire hazards in your home. There are many signs that you will be able to see that indicate if your chimney needs repairs. These include:

  • Imperfect mortar joints – the mortar holds your chimney together. To maintain the stability of your chimney you need to get cracks or missing chunks repaired ASAP!
  • Rusted firebox or damper – the damper seals off the flue, so if this or the firebox has rusted it’s a sign that moisture has gotten into your fireplace. This can lead to cracking flue tiles which in turn can lead to a fire breaking out.
  • Piling up flue tiles – the flue is the duct or opening on a chimney that releases the smoke from fires. If you notice any pieces of flue tiles at the bottom of your chimney, you need to get your chimney lining repaired to prevent potential house fires.
  • Cracks on the chimney crown – the crown is the top of the chimney that prevents the buildup of water around the opening and separates the flue liner and inner wall of the chimney. If you see cracks in the chimney crown (visible only from your roof), you need to get it repaired to prevent freeze-thaw cycles from destroying your chimney.
  • Brick spalling – brick spalling is when moisture gets inside the brick or stone of your chimney and damages the surface of the masonry, causing pieces to fall off. Without proper repairs the entire chimney could become unstable and eventually collapse.

Maintain Safety with Chimney Repairs in Langley

Proper chimney repairs are essential to maintaining the integrity and safety of your home. Boulder Masonry Ltd. specializes in expert maintenance repairs for your fireplace and chimney so you can heat your home or add ambiance to a gathering. We work with both heritage brick and stone.

Our chimney repair services will help prevent fires in your home, stop drafty leaks and improve the overall look of your home. When you need chimney repair in Langley, BC, contact Boulder Masonry Ltd.


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